Used Cooking Oil, Grease, and your Drain

Used Cooking Oil, Grease, and your Drain

Plumbing Tip: Never, I Repeat, NEVER, pour old oil or grease down your drain. Hot water doesn’t break it down and it just collects in your drain and will ultimately cause a clogging situation and unnecessarily cost you money.

Many clogged drains lead to further problems with the entire drainage system. When that happens, you will wind up paying lots of money to fix and it can simply be avoided.

The best way to dispose of old oil or grease is to pour it into an empty coffee can and put it in the freezer until it’s full. Once full, you simply toss it out with the rest of your trash.

We’ve unclogged hundreds of drains what were clogged with grease and other food debris and it’s so avoidable. Yet, everyone we know pours it down the drain. JUST DON”T DO IT!!!!

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